Getting Started as a Revcontent Advertiser

Getting Started as a Revcontent Advertiser

Boost Settings
Boost Type Targeting
Additional Targeting Features

Image and Headline Guidelines
Boost Review


Our step-by-step Guide to Creating a Boost can help you navigate through building out your first campaign.


Boost Settings

Boost Name: Create a name for your new boost (It’s important to name it clearly so it is easy to find each campaign once you have multiple campaigns running.

  • Ex. Geo - Vertical - device - targeting specific

    • US - Skin - Mob - iOS, Celeb Spouses - US - Desktop


*We advise boosts are set up to target one device, one geo, and one language at a time. Different GEOs and devices call for different bids, therefore breaking these out will allow you to optimize effectively, and will also help reduce tracking discrepancies.*


Bid Type:

  • Cost Per View (vCPM) - A CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) model where you are billed only for viewable impressions on your headline/image within Revcontent widgets. This model is effective for increasing brand recognition and eliminates the CTR variable from impacting how much traffic your Campaign Boost receives.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) - A pricing model where you are billed per click on your headline/image within Revcontent widgets. This model is effective for increasing engagement to your landing page.


Bid Amount:  Bid amount should be determined based on your targeting options and vertical.

Budget: The minimum daily budget for boosts is $100 per day. When you reach your daily budget your Boost will no longer serve on the network, unless a user clicks or views your content that was served prior to reaching your Daily Budget Amount.


Engagement vs. CPA ROI
Direct Response Advertisers should ALWAYS place a conversion pixel on the last page of your sales funnel.

  • Tracking conversions will help your business measure the ROI of your Revcontent boosts by reporting on the actions taken by people after they’ve clicked your ad.

  • You can use conversion data to optimize your campaigns and determine where you want to adjust bids, setup widget optimization and test alternative bid types.

Learn more about creating conversion pixels on slide 3 of our Guide to Creating a Boost guide.

Boost Type Targeting

  • Brand Targeting
    A Brand boost will target only our exclusive brand partners (ex. There are over 60 exclusive brands with new ones continuously added. You can choose to include and/or exclude specific brand targets in your Campaign Boost. Brand boosts can run on a CPC or
    vCPM bid type.

  • Topic Targeting
    A Topic boost will target all domains in the topic channels you include. There are thousands of domains in the 46 channels to choose from. Choose to target all topics, or include and/or exclude specific channels. Our exclusive brand partners can also be found in our topic channels (ex. can be found in the Editorial News channel). Topic boosts can run on a CPC or
    vCPM bid type.

  • Retargeting (Audience Targeting)
    The retargeting feature gives you the ability to retarget users based on their past interactions with your site. After a user leaves your site, the Retargeting boost will display to your users around the web, re-engaging lost users who visited your site. Retargeting boosts run on vCPM bid only.

To learn more about your boost type targeting options check out our guide.

Additional Targeting Features

Geotargeting: Choose to include or exclude specific countries and regions from your boost.

If you select All Countries, you will be opening your boost to all of our available network traffic. This can cause your campaign to receive a large amount of traffic at once, which could result in a budget overage.

Learn more about Geotargeting for Advertisers.


Device Targeting: Target your boost for specific devices or mobile operating systems. We highly suggest you target one device per boost.

Learn more about Device and Mobile Operating System (OS) Targeting.


Language Targeting Be sure to set appropriate language targeting for your boost.

  • If your headline is in English, target either all languages or English alone.
  • If your headline is in a language other than English, select ONLY the language of your headline. If your language isn’t available, set to target all languages. Boosts can not target more than one language.

  • Make sure your headline language aligns with your country targeting.​

Learn more about Language Targeting.


Push Notification Traffic  - Push notification traffic offers a highly engaging new funnel of impressions to advertisers via 100% user opted-in traffic to natively designed notifications on desktop and mobile devices.

Learn more about Push Notification Traffic and Best Practices.



You may set up Tracking Variables in Boost Settings, use Custom Variables in Boost Settings, or include your tracking in the Destination URL when uploading your content under the Manage Content tab. To avoid discrepancies, we recommend you set up tracking using only ONE method.

Learn more about Tracking Options for Advertisers.


Image/Headline Guidelines
For testing, we suggest uploading up to 5 headline/image combos. Allow at least 50,000 impressions on your content before determining
success of your creatives. You should regularly be adding new creatives in new boosts to stay competitive.

Image Specs:

  • 420 X 315 pixels (or an increment of that, following a 4 : 3 ratio)

  • Image fills the entire space allotted for creative (no white space along any sides)

  • Image does not have a border or partial border

  • Image does not have text in the creative

  • High Quality - is not blurry or pixelated

  • Image does not have animation or flashing


  • First letter of every word must be capitalized

  • No periods, parentheses, ellipses, etc.

  • No caps lock


Content branding must list either the landing page branding or the offer branding.


Revcontent’s Widget Optimizer
, gives you Boost optimization control down to the most granular level. You are now able to apply pre-created Target Only or Blacklist templates to your boost, or create your own!

Check out our guide for Launching Using Widget Optimization Templates.


Boost Review

It may take 3-5 business days for our Compliance Team to review your campaign. However, it may take less or possibly more time, due to large influxes of content in review. If your content is denied, you can find common denial reasons listed here. If there is no reason listed for the denial of your content, please check your email for a message from our compliance team detailing the decision.