Widget Optimization Templates

Optimizing your boost is now easier than ever! Revcontent’s Widget Optimizer, gives you Boost optimization control down to the most granular level. You are now able to apply pre-created Target Only or Blacklist templates to your boost, or create your own!


Our templates are created and updated by our dedicated Operations Team, to ensure the most up-to-date information is reflected. They are also dynamic, so anytime we make an adjustment to the template, your boost’s targeting options will be updated as well.


You are able to add or remove widgets from the selected template at any time which will override any new changes to the template that we may make. Please Note: Selecting a template on a previously created boost will override any current targeting selections.


Only one template may be applied to each boost.


If you are interested in creating your own custom Target Only or Blacklist, you will need to set up tracking for your boost! To learn more about your Tracking Options please take look at our helpful guide here.


Template Examples that we provide:

  • Top Vertical Targets

  • Targets by GEO

  • Editorial Blacklist

  • Tier 1 EPC Targets