Campaign Boost Targeting Options

Revcontent's Boost Targeting Options

When creating your Campaign Boost, you have three targeting types to choose from:

Brand Targeting
A Brand boost will target only our exclusive brand partners (ex. There are over 60 exclusive brands with new ones continuously added. You can choose to include and/or exclude specific brand targets in your Campaign Boost. Brand boosts can run on a CPC or
vCPM bid type.

Topic Targeting
A Topic boost will target all domains in the topic channels you include. There are thousands of domains in the 46 channels to choose from. Choose to target all topics, or include and/or exclude specific channels. Our exclusive brand partners can also be found in our topic channels (ex. can be found in the Editorial News channel). Topic boosts can run on a CPC or
vCPM bid type.

Retargeting (Audience Targeting)
The retargeting feature gives you the ability to retarget users based on their past interactions with your site. After a user leaves your site, the Retargeting boost will display to your users around the web, re-engaging lost users who visited your site. Retargeting boosts run on vCPM bid only.